The first Falcon accelerator board at a full 50 MHz!
This card offers everything the Falcon is lacking!

* New CPU 68030 32-Bit at a permanent 50 MHz!
* SIMM 32-Bit standard socket offers 32-Bit EDO Fast-RAM (16, 32, 64 ou 128 MB) accessed 7 times faster than on original 16 MHz ST-Ram. Thanks to the BURST accesses of the 030 (32 MB/s) at 50 MHz.
* Socket for a 32-Bit COPROCESSOR (68882-33) at 50 MHz.
* DSP of the Falcon is clocked at 50 MHz.
* BUS of the Falcon is clocked at 50 MHz (the CPU accesses at 50 MHz!).
* ATA-4 IDE management (speed rate up to 9 MBytes/s.
* On board 64 KB FLASH Eprom containing a new SETUP.
* Hardware switch allows you to come back to the 16MHz Falcon mode.
* Wonderfully designed, the CT2 fits in the original Falcon case.
The card is inserted in the bus slot, and only needs 16 wires to solder.
* No wires soldered on the CT2. Ribbon cable connection between the CT2 and the motherboard allows easy updates without solders !
* No FLOPPY, SCSI and AUDIO problems (like clics or crackles !).
* TURBO mode usable on VGA, TV, RGB and MONO (SM124) monitors.

The CT2 is supplied with CENTscreen 3, CENTvidel and CENTview software.
CENTscreen 3 is both a mouse accelerator, a screen energy manager (ENERGYSTAR compliant) and an enhanced resolution manager plus a virtual mode available in 3 options: 'center', 'proportional' and 'border'. Some examples of possible enhanced resolutions: 896*672* 2/16/256 at 66 Hz, 1024*768*16/16/256 at 99 Hz Interlace,640*480*TC at 66 Hz or 800*600*TC at 90 Hz Interlace.