Copro, PMMU & Masks


A little story

From 1994 to 1996, the 060 (at 50, 60 & 66 MHz) are produced with 3 versions and manufactured with 0.60um process :

- XC68060RCxx that contains a PMMU and a FPU (Floating Point Unit = Coprocessor).

- XC68LC060RCxx that contains a PMMU but NO FPU.

- XC68EC060RCxx that contains NO PMMU and NO FPU.

These first 060 are manufactured with the 1F43G mask (Rev.1) and accept up to 66 MHz (70% of them).

This mask has several bugs that get no problems on the CT60.

The RC letters define the type of package = PGA (Pin Grid Array) !


In 1996, the 1G65V mask appears for the three 060 models without one important bug on copro (F6). 


- the EC & LC change to 2G65V with NO bugs at all.

- the 'full' becomes 0E41J mask with NO bugs at all too.

See : 060_mask40.pdf


In 1998, the new 0.42um manufacturing process is used :

The EC & LC prefix change from XC to MC (final qualification) and their mask change from 2G59Y to 3G59Y : 

The 'full' change from 0E41J mask to 1E41J but stays with XC prefix.

See : 42um_status.html


In 1999, the XC68060RCxx is qualified and the prefix changes to MC with the new 71E41J mask :

See : mc_status.html

This last mask (Rev.6) is manufactured with 0.32um process and has the particularity to be able to run up to 100 MHz !


From 1999, the 75 MHz, manufactured with 0.32um process, arrives with 2 versions :

- MC68LC060RC75 that contains a PMMU and NO FPU.

- MC68EC060RC75 that contains NO PMMU and NO FPU.


A FPU story

The 060 needs a library to run the software using a FPU (using Fxxx instructions) !

In fact, only 1/3 of the 68882 (68030 FPU) instruction set - the most important/used instructions - was implemented in the 060 (and the 040 firstly), the remaining 2/3 must be emulated with this library that, sure, is integrated into the FLASH of the CT60.

The old 68882 FPU CAN'T run with a 060 ! But, sure, it can be used with the 030 when the CT60 is fitted and OFF !


The following lists were constructed by several persons I want to thank ! If you can update these lists, please contact me !

This list is not total (..) It is only here to answer the most general questions. See the software tested list on the main page !

Software that NEED the FPU : 

LINUX (current version)
Neon 3D
Inshape 1 & 2
Design 3D
(Java Console)
Csound (Programming language to create sounds)
Apache server v1.3.3
Mpg123 (Player MP3)
Lame Encoder (recommended for MinT)
Lame Encoder TOS version (recommended for TOS & MagiC)


ATS 1.1 (Demo DHS)
128DIST (Demo DHS)
4orce (Demo DHS)
Dream 4Mention (Demo DHS)
Liquid Sunshine (Demo DHS)
128krawl (Demo DHS)
Dream Dimension (Demo DHS)
4ever (Demo DHS)
Most demos from Mind-Design


Software that can use the FPU if present : 

ST CAD 1.63

LINUX (new developed version)

Blade Encoder (MP3 Encoder recommended for MinT)
FalcAMP (MP3 player 150% faster on falcon)

Raystart / Phoenix
(4 to 7 times faster with the FPU !)
Fractal 2.xx
Studio Son
Kandinsky 2.X
Graph 1.20
IJG 6a (JPEG <--> GIF/PPM/TGA/BMP Converter)
NView 2.95 (Multi-format Viewer : more than hundred !)
Nconvert 2.95 (Multi-format converter)
Mesa (Open GL Library)
Tiny (Open GL Library)
Morpher (Morphing)
Da's Layout
(to be verified !)
Fracktals V
GemGraph 1.49 & 2.xx
Positive Image
Pine 4.x